Vitae Spirits Distillery Modern Gin简介


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Vitae Spirits’ Modern Gin is a dry gin that has a distinct but not overpowering juniper berry influence that allows the complexity of the other 16 botanicals to shine through; the true definition of a modern gin. Modern Gin is redistilled in small batches using neutral spirits produced from American sugar cane molasses and water from the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have developed an unconventional hybrid production technique that applies both maceration and vapor infusion to extract aromatic oils from the botanicals so that the robust base notes as well as the ephemeral delicate aromas are captured in our bottle, ready to burst on your tongue. Unlike the many diluted gins out there Modern Gin is so packed with aromatic botanical oils that when shaken with ice you can see the oils fall out of solution in a delicate cloudiness, called a louche. If you want a gin with maximal flavor, look for the louche.


Our gin stands out from the crowd by the fact that its base spirit comes from American sugar cane molasses. This gives our Modern Gin a depth, complexity, and a mouth feel that serves as a foundation from which to elevate and balance the aromatics in a manner rarely seen in other gins. Modern Gin is so crisp, clean, and focused that it needs little else than a good stir with ice, but makes a fantastic Gin & Tonic, Negroni, Tom Collins, or Gin Fizz among other cocktails.





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