Vanagandr Gin(一匹狼金酒)简介

Vanagandr Gin,挪威神话中狼的名字。或许虽然这支金酒的名字听起来非常北欧—— Vanagandr是挪威神话中一匹狼的名字,但它实际上来自西班牙西北部的加利西亚地区。植物学家们将甜橙皮、鸢尾根和肉豆蔻分别浸泡在中性烈酒中,再经过14小时的一次蒸馏后用当地泉水稀释,每批次产量小于500瓶。


Looking for a name for our still in Galician mythology, we found a topic that we had always loved – wolves in the European culture, the myth of evil transversal to all the Celtic cultures. Unfortunately the only wolf we have around here is Urco or Furco, related to profecies and visions linked to death – an omen that connects with the Brithish Grimm, a little bit fateful……

That’s why we decided to choose the most famous wolf in the Nordic mythology: Vánagandr or Fenrir, the wold that, according to the prophecy, was ment to finish the gods off at Ragnarök.

Vanagandr Gin

Vánagandr is identified by the gods as the prophecy wolf, but Odin decides not to banish it but orders to raise it at the gods’ bosom. From its birth they see it growing gigantic and become afraid… They tie it, but it frees itself, they then chain it again using bigger chains and it releases itself again… So they ask the dwarves to make a chain it can’t break, and they make Gleipnir, a ribbon light and silky that nobody could break, made of the sound of the cat’s step, the woman’s beard, the mountain roots… We wanted to reach the warves to craft our still, but they only make impossible things.

When gods ask Vánagandr to be tied with this magic ribbon they can’t break, they appeal to its pride: you that are so strong… So he agrees, but asks one of them puts his hand on its mouth as a pledge in case he can’t release itself. The god Tyrputs his hand in its mouth, and of course he loses it. The wolf is then tied and they put a sword in its mouth so it can’t close it any more, “and from its mouth springs the Ván river”, from its name comes from: Ván A Gandr – monster of the Ván river.

This is the moment our friend illustrator David Pintor represented so magnificently in our label.

This was good for nothing – the Ragnarök day Vánagandr broke its chains and killed Odin causing the fall of the gods and the end of the times… But was it born evil, or was it made evil? However, I always liked the story’s bad guy better.


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